Greenwood Residents Upset Over Possible Purchase of Mobile Home Park by G.I.S.D.

Greenwood Residents Upset Over Possible Purchase of Mobile Home Park by G.I.S.D.

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

GREENWOOD - The Greenwood school district may have found the answer to bringing more teachers to their area.

Next door to the school district sits a piece of property with plenty of space.

It's the perfect location for teacher housing and school officials are moving in that direction.

For the people already living there, they have mixed emotions.

"In a way it kinda makes me happy that Greenwood I.S.D. would buy it for the school and in another sense it really makes me mad because they know about the families that live out here," resident Cham Hall said. "We moved out here so our kids could go to Greenwood."

Hall lives at the Greenwood Mobile Home Park.

About a month ago, people here were told they had leave their homes because the water isn't safe for drinking.

The property owner told NewsWest 9 she has to close the park because there just isn't enough money to fix the problems as mandated by TCEQ.

Residents have to be completely off the land by July 31st.

Greenwood Superintendent Ariel Elliot told NewsWest 9 the district does have interest in the property but talks to actually buy it are only in the early stages.

Nothing is set in stone since other parties could also show interest.

"I'd like the school to get it. I'd also like for the school to let our houses stay here, "Hall said. "We could leave our house here and sell it to one of the teachers that's gonna be moving in but in order for us to do that we have to know if we have to move our house by July 31st."

Several weeks later, a few residents have packed up and moved out but there are still so many others trying to do the same.

Residents said it feels like they're being forced out all over again, and they're losing money in the process.

"The problem is moving them. If they could stay here, we would have no problem getting rid of them," Hall said. "Across the street they were selling their house for $40,000 which was a really good deal. They dropped their price all the way down to somewhere around $30,000 or $28,000."

Hall hopes a fast solution where everyone meets in the middle can be reached.

The superintendent said if the land is bought, it could be used for something other than teacher housing such as expansion.