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New Mayor is Hoping for Businesses and Citizens to Move into Town

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by: Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

KERMIT-  With new businesses and new building happening around town, Kermit's newly elected mayor is hoping the population of 5,708 will soon be going up.

"We've been up as high as 13-15 thousand population. There are a lot of structures that are hear from the early days of the oil boom," Phillips said.

Mayor Jerry Phillips has been a resident of Kermit for over 30 years and has been on the City Council before taking the reins as mayor, last month.The city has an on going program called "Reclaim Kermit" that is cleaning up dilapidated areas of town to have new businesses and people move in. 

"We're working on that clean up effort trying to instill some pride and ownership of  the existing residents that are here. See if the fever kinda catches on when they see some changes coming," Phillips said.

Change is coming and you don't have to look very far.

Mark Oman is the general manger to the new Southern Inn and Suites, the newest motel to open up in Kermit in years and the city is excited that this motel has a pool. 

"Everybody been knocking on our door asking when are we going to open. What's going to happen and when the pool is going to be access," Oman said

Oman moved from Dallas to run the motel. He was told the population is going up, he believes the motel will be filled most nights. 

"Easily, yes. We'll be full all the time. I love this town, everybody is super friendly and they know everybody," Oman said.

The county park is also getting a much needed upgrade, which is part of the clean up program. But don't let the park construction bother you, the Fourth of July Festival will still go on as planned around the construction.

"It's going to be limited to actually what we have inside the park area, but it will all fit with what we have to work with. You better believe we are going right around the construction," Hayes said

The fireworks spectacular will end the Fourth of July festivities right there in the county park at dusk.