Friends Remember Andrews Man Found Dead in Martin County

Friends Remember Andrews Man Found Dead in Martin County

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9 

ANDREWS - We're learning more about the Andrews man who was found dead in Martin County.

A friend of the victim is speaking out.

The Andrews Police Dept. said they're waiting to release a name until the body can be positively identified but they did say they have reason to believe the body is that of Ethan Cole.

"He was a great musician," his neighbor, who wanted to be identified only as Rachel, said. "He liked nothing better than to sit in his backyard and play his guitar and sing."

The sound of 21-year old Ethan Cole strumming his guitar is something his friends will greatly miss.

"A couple of years back he even tried out on America's Got Talent," Rachel said. "He was always there with a smile on his face."

Rachel said Cole was her neighbor for the last few years.

"He was a great guy. He helped me out around the house anytime I needed help," she said.

Cole went missing on June 17th.

Andrews Police started an investigation into a missing person stemming from a possible kidnapping.

About a week later, a man's body was found in Martin County.

Police are investigating it as a homicide and said it could be drug related.

"Right now everybody's just a little freaked out that it did happen," Rachel said. "We just don't have murders here. Hardly any crime."

APD said they're still trying to positivel yipositivelyhe body identifythey believe it could be Cole.

Rachel said she last saw Cole the day before he went missing.

"He came up to me and gave me a big hug, he was smiling and laughing," Rachel said.

The news of his death was shocking. Rachel said it's a big loss for those who knew him.

"His smile. He was just a great guy," she said. "We're really gonna miss him."

No arrests have been made but we're told arrest warrants are pending.

NewsWest 9 will continue to follow this story for you and bring you any new details as they become available.