Wendy Davis Supporters Celebrate Filibuster Anniversary

Wendy Davis Supporters Celebrate Filibuster Anniversary

By Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Exactly one year after she sparked national attention with her filibuster against stricter abortion rules in Texas, Wendy Davis hosted an anniversary party in Austin.

Davis supporters all across the state held watch parties of the event, including one right here in Midland.

One local Midland man held the party to commemorate the excitement that last year's filibuster brought. The house was packed with strangers who all came together to watch the live-stream of Wendy's celebration in Austin, and to reminisce on the impact that the filibuster had.

"You know, I had tears, and I had joy, and there was just this excitement particularly as a woman," said Joanna McCracken, who attended the party.

In response to the filibuster anniversary, Republican Senator Donna Campbell said in a statement, "Texas families can and should be proud that their voices were heard loud and clear over one senator's failed filibuster a year ago today."

And although the bill eventually passed, this group of supporters say this is only the beginning of a new era.

Davis is hoping all of this support will help her in the governor race against Greg Abbott.