Andrews Police Investigate Homicide

Andrews Police Investigate Homicide

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS: It was just last week on June 17th when the Andrews Police Department got word of a possible kidnapping of a 21-year-old Andrews resident.

"There was conflict between witnesses as to whether it was a kidnapping or whether he just left with some folks and no one has seen him since," Bud Jones, Andrews Chief of Police said.

So Andrews Police continued to investigate as a missing person. However,  just a few days later on June 23rd, Police received a tip. The missing persons body was found in Martin County.

"A male subject was found deceased in Martin County by the Martin County Sheriff's office. They started an investigation which included the crime scene techs from the Midland Police Department," Jones said.

However, it doesn't end there. On June 24th Andrews Police impounded a truck that they believe transported the victims body to Martin County.

"We did impound that vehicle and based on the information and evidence gathered we feel like we have a homicide," Jones added.

Homicides are rare in Andrews. In fact, we're told in the past 6 years Andrews Police have only investigated two homicides including this one.

"A homicide is just not a crime that's committed all the time in Andrews or in Andrews county," Jones said.

As for this case police say the investigation is still in it's early stages, but they do believe it could have been drug related. "It's a possibility that this evolved out of  illegal drug transaction or some other criminal activity"

Andrews Police said no arrest have been made yet, but they do have some leads.

"We feel like we have some subjects identified and there will be arrest warrants issued," Jones said.

The victims body has been sent of for Dallas for an autopsy. We're told results should be in either Thursday or Friday.