Midland Neighborhood Upset About Lack of Drainage System

Midland Neighborhood Upset About Lack of Drainage System

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - John Buntin has been living in his house since 1974 when the only thing around him were cotton fields and the rain water had a place to go. As the years went on and more people came to live in the southeast Midland neighborhood, the rain water has less places to be absorbed and nowhere to drain properly so it instead turns the neighborhood into a lake.

"This is a nice little neighborhood out here. They're not million dollar homes, we realize that, but people have their lives invested in their properties here," Buntin said.

Buntin says that he has turned into the neighborhood spokesman, in hopes that something gets done soon.

"Because we're the southeast side of Midland out here, we don't want to be the forgotten neighborhood because it's not million dollar homes. We still are tax paying citizens and we want some help for our invested dollars," Buntin said.

But the solution isn't so easy. According to Buntin, the highway is the state's property but the surrounding roads are the county.

"The county road seems to be lower than the state highway bar ditch out here and so there's several people out here whose property gets flooded every time this happens," Buntin said.

Every time it rains just two to three inches, the road turns into a raging river.

Buntin also says that all of his neighbors are upset about the rainwater not draining properly. Some have even had flood waters leak into their homes.

Buntin claims that he has spoken with Midland County Road and Bridge and the Texas Department of Transportation about the drainage problem and they had one suggestion for him: "There's been a suggestion that I need to build up my property but that is not the solution to the problem. If I build up my property, it makes someone else's problems worse, because I can force water around my property, but it's still gotta go somewhere."