Medical Center Hospital Launches Website For Accessing Medical Records Online

Medical Center Hospital Launches Website For Accessing Medical Records Online

By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA-  Medical Center Hospital is changing the way patients can get their hands on their medical records. It's all a part of a new program called My MCH Records where you can access everything online.

"It's super fast. It's easy to navigate and it's really nice to have all of your information with you," Shanidy Hough, Director of Project Management at Medical Center Hospital, said.

To sign up the process is simple. All you have to do is head on over to

to get started. After a quick validation process, your records will be available through your secured online account. Once you're signed up, you no longer have to wait in those long lines to get your records. Just log on to your account and print them out. The days of filling out paperwork about your medical history are gone.

"One of the pains of going to a new physician is having to fill out the four pieces of paper to give your past medical records. Using My MCH Records, you can take the information that is already there and take it to your new physician and already have that paperwork pre-filled out," Hough said.

The program is convenient, free and most importantly, safe.

"It's completely secure. You're not going to get any spam from us. Your information is secure, it's not sent through e-mail so you can feel safe that your information is protected," Hough said.

MCH tells NewsWest 9, it's all in an effort to make things easier for our growing community.

"We're happy to be leading the way out here to get it to patients in our community," Hough said.