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City works to clean up park after syringes are found near splash pad

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Amarillo, TX - Memorial Park in Amarillo, typically has a lot to offer. There's a splash pad, a jungle gym and open fields for playing. But some say, what was discovered at this popular park is troubling.

A photo that was sent to NewsChannel 10, shows at least four syringes, needles exposed., lying on the ground. In the message we received, the concerned viewer told us those syringes were found by the bathroom, just feet away from the splash pad and jungle gym, where kids run around barefoot."It's not only a concern for the public, it's also a concern for our workers that are out in the parks picking up trash and cleaning up brush and debris," said Rod Tweet, the Amarillo Parks and Recreation Director."

"We train our personnel to look for certain things, be ready be prepared. There is protocol in place to deal with some of this and it is a concern. We just have to stay on top of it to the best of our ability," he added.

Several parents we spoke with said they were upset when they found out about the possibly hazardous materials at the park. It's a similar feeling Tweet also has. But, it's an issue he says the city is working hard to fix.

"We have our trash crews who pick up trash and clean the restroom. And then it may be pruning, it may be fixing an irrigation head,our parks do get viewed at least one time per day, especially during the summer when more people are spending time outside," he added.

Knowing this, some parents say they can breath a little easier. While others say situations like this just can not be avoided. Regardless, the city is now asking residents for help."If you were to see something like this and it's a health or safety concern, please contact us or contact the police department," Tweet said.

We're told the syringes from that photo have since been picked up.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10.