Wednesday's Storms Leave Residents Homeless

Wednesday's Storms Leave Residents Homeless

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND -  It was a short storm, less than an hour. In that short time, roads turned to rivers, ponds turned to lakes, heavy dumpsters blown over and homes lifted right off the ground.

"The wind started going crazy. The R.V. started moving all crazy, and all of a sudden, it just flipped over. You could see all of our stuff going in the air, food, plates, cups, T.V., everything is broke inside," Manzo said.

Only suffering bruises and scrapes, Manzo is lucky to be alive. His friend, Leo Amaya, saw it all.

"Just picked it up and flipped over. It literally spun two times in the air before it landed. It was crazy," Amaya said.

Thinking the trailer was empty, Amaya was surprised to see his neighbor inside.

"All of a sudden he pops out the window He was like 'hey, I'm over here.' He had to jump out the window," Amaya said.

Further down the road, the Villa family is dealing with their own struggles. Their entire home was destroyed by the storm. A family friend explained what happened.

"The floor came up and the kids went flying. He reached out and tried to grab the kids. The sofa kinda hit him in the air," Ramirez said.

Right now, the Villa family is trying to piece back their lives.

"If you can help in anyway, there are a lot of people already showing up. People are walking up right now. Anything can help, even a prayer," Ramirez said

Jorge Villa is setting up an account. If you would like to help out, you can call 432-269-6153.