TxDOT Holds Series of Meetings to Improve Texas Roadways

TxDOT Holds Series of Meetings to Improve Texas Roadways

by Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - With our population growing at such a rapid rate, TxDOT believes planning for the future is critical.

That's why they are seeking the public's input by holding 25 meetings throughout the state. The Texas Transportation Plan (TTP) 2040 will define TxDOT's goals for all modes of transportation and ultimately set a benchmark for 25 years out to see how the roadways could be over the long term.

TxDOT is predicting a 61% population increase between now and 2040, so maintaining the roads is a high priority when it comes to funding projects. Of course, safety is the number one priority.

TxDOT spokesperson, Casey Dusza, says the public's input is really what will help improve the Texas roadways.

"I think your input is very important in this plan. We really do want to gain how the public would like investments made throughout this state," said Dusza.

Between 2013 and 2017, TxDOT plans to maintain a safe system, address congestion, and connect Texas communities.

If you would like to give your input on the transportation plan, you are encouraged to visit their

and search for TTP 2040.