Teen Claims She Bought Sick Cat from Pet Store, Owner Paints a Different Story

Teen Claims She Bought Sick Cat from Pet Store, Owner Paints a Different Story
By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - A 15-year-old saved some money and bought a kitten from a Midland pet store. A day later, the cat died. She claims the store owner did not tell her the animal was sick. The owner, however, paints a different story.

"I asked her if it was still for sale and she said yes. I didn't think she'd sell me a sick cat, that it was going to die," Kailee Clark said.

Kailee fell in love with a kitten at The Pet Store in Midland. The day she bought the cat, she noticed the cat was by itself in a cage in the back of the store.

"She said is that the little kitten back there? And I said, 'Yeah that's the one you were looking at,' She's like, 'Well can I get it?' I said, 'Well, it's not doing well today.' I mean, I explained it totally to her and her mother and the girl insisted that she wanted it anyway," Cindy Williams, Owner of The Pet Store, said.

Williams says the kitten was isolated so it could eat a sufficient amount of food.

"She said it wasn't looking too good but I just figured it was puny because it was a little runt that was getting stepped all over, that wasn't eating. So I just figured I would take it in, save it. But she didn't say anything about it being sick," Clark said.

Just one day after buying the cat, Clark says the cat died.

"I was mad and sad, just mixed emotions everywhere," Clark said.

Kailee and her mom went back to The Pet Store to ask for a refund.

"The mother wanted a refund and I explained to her that I do not refund on animals but we had three other kittens in the cage that were more substantial, that came from the same litter and that the young girl could pick out another kitten," Williams said.

Kailee declined the offer, thinking the rest of the litter would be sick too.

"I wanted this young girl, especially, to be happy because she had held the kitten the day before for like an hour and it was fine. There was nothing wrong with the kitten. It just went down overnight," Williams said.

NewsWest 9 asked the Better Business Bureau if any other complaints have been filed against The Pet Store. Tyler Patton, the Regional Director, confirms a complaint has been filed but for unspecific reasons.

"I guarantee my animals. I guaranteed the cat," Williams said.

Clark says she's going to be more diligent next time if she chooses to buy a pet. 

"I would probably do it again but not from that same store. I would definitely do my homework first before I buy another cat," Clark said.

The Better Business Bureau says before buying a pet, do your homework. After buying a pet, be sure to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.