Odessa Fire Rescue Receives State Award, Which Will Help Keep Insurance Rates Lower

Odessa Fire Rescue Receives State Award, Which Will Help Keep Insurance Rates Lower

by Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The fire at Wal-Mart in Odessa Friday night, looked worse then what it was. Crews worked to contain the blaze and give the store the all clear before people could go back inside.

The quick, efficient work by Odessa Fire-Rescue, not just Friday night, but other fires around the city has allowed the Texas Service Office to give a highly decorated award. On a scale of 1 to 10, the department received a Class 2 rating.

"I think the reason the state came in to give us that award is because there aren't that many departments in the state and nationally as well that actually reach that Class 2 rating," Chief Roger Boyd, with Odessa Fire-Rescue, said.

Boyd explained to NewsWest 9 how the utilities department and the dispatch center go into play to receive a high rating.

"Acknowledge the departments and the hard work that they do and the utilities department and the dispatch centers. They try to do that to make it a little more significant. Because it means a lot to the community as well, not just those individual departments," Boyd said.

The department got an 86%, which qualified them for a Class 2. The goal is a Class 1 award next time.

"Us getting close to that Class 1 rating. A 90 percent is a Class 1. So they've kinda dangled that carrot out there so we are certainly going to be looking at that in the future on how we go one step up in that as well," Boyd said.

For citizens of Odessa, their fire insurance rates wont be going up because of the Class 2 rating.

"Insurance companies use this rating to determine insurance rates. I know this because I get calls from insurance agents here in town," Boyd said.

Boys said that if the rating was any higher, insurance rates in the city would be on the rise. Overall, Boyd was happy all the city departments who share in the award.

"In this case, it's a city, as a whole, to prepare ourselves for these kind of ratings," Boyd said.

The good news is the Walmart at JBS Parkway and 42nd Street in Odessa is back open. Chief Boyd tells NewsWest 9, the next time the state rates the department will be in about 10 years.