Congressman Mike Conaway Speaks Out About Trade For American Solider

Congressman Mike Conaway Speaks Out About Trade For American Solider
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - On Friday morning, U.S. Congressman Mike Conaway stopped in Andrews for a town hall meeting. Conaway spoke up about his stance on the release of five Taliban prisoners for American Solider, Bowe Bergdahl. 

"I disagree with the president's handling of the circumstance. I think he did not make a very good deal to trade Sergeant Bergdhal for these five terrorist that will go back to Afghanistan and they will be apart of the mischief that is there," Conaway, said. 

Conaway also added he is happy Bergdahl is back in America but one of his biggest concerns was that Congress was not notified of the trade until after it happened and, by law, Congress is supposed to be notified 30 days before an exchange.

"They did it on purpose. They told us on Wednesday that they made a calculated decision, that they were going to break the law and the idea was to get forgiveness instead of permission," Conaway said. 

Conaway also said that the trade could put many Americans in danger.

"This administration will negotiate with terrorists and that is a bad slippery slope to go down. It puts Americans around the world to being taken hostage," Conaway said.
As far as Sergeant Bergdahl, Conaway says the investigation will continue.

"He will continue to be debriefed to find out what happened and how he ended up in the hands of the Taliban," Conaway said.