New Shelter Opens in Midland, Seeks to Help Women and Children in Crisis

New Shelter Opens in Midland, Seeks to Help Women and Children in Crisis

Kim Powell

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - The Genesis Center opened its doors on Monday after nine months of construction, and they already have 20 people staying there. With high housing prices and a rising population, Chairmen of the Board, Sally Agar, believes this is a good addition to the Permian Basin.

"Well with the economy as bad as it is, people don't realize that with the good, comes the bad."

The shelter currently holds up to 100 women and children, but has plans to expand in the future. A laundry center, community bathroom, a kitchen, and several bedrooms for both single women and women with children were added to the church to make all of this happen.

"We got the facility about a year ago, but it's taken about nine months to get it ready for people to come and stay," said Agar.

The Genesis Center is the only shelter in the basin where you can stay up to a full year.

"Like our director believes--you don't get your life messed up in 90 days, and you don't get it turned around in 90 days."

However, a safe place to stay isn't the only thing the shelter offers.

"We rely heavily on community volunteers to come and teach bible studies, life skills classes," said Agar, "If they need to get their GED, we have someone that can come and give that to them. So yes, we really need volunteers."

Women and children who are in any sort of crisis, such as domestic violence, are encouraged to make an appointment.

"Hopefully when they leave here they'll be protective members of the community."

If you are interested in volunteering or donating to The Genesis Center, you can stop by their location, call and make an appointment, or visit their

. You can also make a donation to Twice Around Thrift Store, located at 301 E. Illinois.