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City Council to Purchase City Block for Possible Convention Center, Hotel

by: Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - One of the important items at Tuesday's Odessa City Council meeting was to purchase the remainder of the block at 5th Street and Texas Avenue in Odessa.

"This purchase will complete the entire block which will be city owned. So we can do a lot of things with it. Our aim at this point is working towards a downtown hotel and convention center and that's a possibility for a site," Odessa City Manager, Richard Morton, said. 

Odessa Mayor David Turner agrees this purchase is good for the city.

"Before we can redevelop downtown, we need an anchor. A convention center would be a wonderful anchor to revitalize downtown," Turner said.

The city owns much of the block already and at Tuesday's meeting, they purchased the last part which is the Home Hospice building. After one more reading of the ordinance, the City Council can get the ball rolling.

"We can go out for a request for proposals from hotels and get bids to see what they would like to bring into our city," Turner said.

The Mayor and the City Council thinks this purchase will bring new hope to an decaying downtown.

"We really need to revitalize downtown. One, it helps the tax base, which helps lower the taxes of our citizens. It's also the life blood of a community," Turner said.
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