Midland Chamber of Commerce Celebrates 90 Year Anniversary

Midland Chamber of Commerce Celebrates 90 Year Anniversary

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MIDLAND - It was a special day for the Midland Chamber of Commerce.

They celebrated their 90th anniversary on Tuesday.

A celebration was held at the chamber offices where all members of the chamber, board members and stakeholders gathered together.

Bobby Burns, President and CEO of the Midland Chamber of Commerce, said the Chamber has had a huge impact on the city and it's all thanks to the incredible leadership.

"What I think is different about the Midland Chamber of Commerce is our leadership. We've had remarkably, strong city leadership for 90 years. You know, I've seen for the last 40 years, but I'm so admired, some of our past leaders like Joan Baskin, Kenny Gastro, Doug Henson. The list just goes on and on. We've just had a lot of tremendous leaders that have led our Chamber and have impacted our city," Burns said.

The Chamber of Commerce works daily to provide long-term solutions for the business community through their committees and programs.

It also serves as a launch pad for organizations that continue to serve our community.