City of Midland's New Anti-Litter Campaign "Not in My Town" Kicks Off

City of Midland's New Anti-Litter Campaign "Not in My Town" Kicks Off
By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - "Not in My Town." That's the slogan for Midland's new anti-litter campaign. They kicked off a huge effort on Tuesday to clean up the trash in the city.

"My beautiful town, my town, was filthy," Cherry Hill, resident of Midland for 44 years, said.

It started with an idea. Cherry Hill, like many residents, noticed the litter epidemic in West Texas. She went straight to city and county leaders to push toward cleaning it up. On Tuesday morning, with Midland's new anti-litter campaign, "Not in My Town," her dream became a reality.

"This was my dream and all of our dreams for our town. This is our dream," Hill said.

"We have individuals that come in that possibly think that we don't care because they see the entryways into our community. This is what we are saying today, 'We care,'" Doreen Womack, Executive Director of Keep Midland Beautiful, said.

Their goal is to change behavior.

"How many times have you taken [a water bottle] and said, 'Boom,' in the truck, in the car, in whatever. This now, we want you to think about this going in a trash bag or going into a container," Midland County Judge, Mike Bradford, said.

But they can't do it alone.

"What we want is more concerned citizens to speak up, speak out, speak to your neighbors, speak to your convenience store clerks talking about the trash that's blowing outside so they can go out and pick it up and you'll help them," Hill said.

Making your mark takes no time at all. In fact, on Tuesday morning, city leaders and residents cleaned several trash bags worth of litter in just 15 minutes.

Any town, any age can do their part.

"If they want to take a picking up trash selfie and put it on their social media account, by all means, do it. That's just gonna get more people excited about the movement," Midland Public Information Officer, Sara Higgins, said.

Remember to use "#NotInMyTown."

"It's important for all of us to participate, all of us to be a part of this, so we can continue to keep Midland beautiful," John Love, Midland City Councilman of District 2, said.

If you litter, be prepared to pay up to $2,000 in fines.