Ector County Health Inspectors Now Allowed to Give Citations

Ector County Health Inspectors Now Allowed to Give Citations
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY- Campers and RV's are a typical sight in the Basin but a lot of people that are flocking to the area are illegally setting up camp.
"They're bringing in campers, trailers and just connecting to existing septic systems that were not intentionally or originally sized to accept all the effluent that is being put into them now," Gino Solla, Director of the Ector County Health Department, said. 

That's not all, Solla also said they're seeing an increase in illegal dumping too. So the Ector County Health Department knew something needed to be done.

On Monday morning, commissioners approved allowing health department inspectors to issue citations to violators.

"We need this authority in order to protect the majority of the population," Solla said. 

In the past, inspectors had to go through a long process, like filling out complaints and waiting on warrants, but now the authority will be in their hands.

"If they see they're not going to get any compliance from a citizen to correct a public health nuisance, they can issue them a ticket or a citation to go see a JP Court to get rectified," Solla said. 

If you're a violator, be ready to pay up, the citation isn't cheap.

"If it's a water issue, it could go up to $500. If it's a public health issue, there is a increment from $10 to $200 per citation," Solla said.

Health inspectors are expected to start giving citations to violators in about a month.