Alpine City Councilman Michael Castelli Resigns

Alpine City Councilman Michael Castelli Resigns

Staff Report
NewsWest 9

ALPINE – NewsWest 9 has learned that Alpine Ward Five City Councilman, Michael Castelli, has resigned.

Our friends at the Big Bend Gazette are reporting that Castelli resigned on Wednesday.

In a statement to the Big Bend Gazette, "Alpine has a long and very well documented history of poor management and financial irresponsibility. It seemed last summer that finally the window of opportunity had opened for some meaningful and lasting change. I was excited about the possibility of being a part of that process and willing to make the sacrifices necessary to see it to fruition. Recent events prove that if that possibility for change ever existed, that opportunity is no longer probable. At this point I can no longer justify the personal sacrifice this public office requires. It is said that a rubber band can be stretched in quite a direction but once you let go it returns to its original position. Alpine proves to be that rubber band. After much contemplation I will consider my public service ended after completing one full year."

NewsWest 9 will continue to follow this story as more information develops.