Dog Murdered in Front of Residents, Buried in Shallow Grave

Dog Murdered in Front of Residents, Buried in Shallow Grave

By: Justin Kree

NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- A gruesome case of animal cruelty. People who live at Leisure Estates Apartments in Midland claim they saw a man stab a dog several times  then bury it in a shallow grave

"A man that lives in her apartment complex brutally attacked his dog on Sunday," Concerned Citizen said.

A concerned citizen, who didn't want to be identified, called Midland Police and Animal Control then rushed over to the apartments in Midland. That's where she and an employee of the complex dug up the dog. 

"We came over and dug him up and saw that he had several stab wounds and also his throat had been cut. He was covered in a blanket and once I took off the blanket. He was in a plastic bag," the concerned citizens, said.

Police didn't give out the suspects name, but they told NewsWest 9, they interviewed him Tuesday morning and again Tuesday evening. The suspect is claiming the dog lunged at him first. That's when he stabbed the dog in self defense. Paul O'Neal with Midland Animal Control tells NewsWest 9 what he saw when he got on scene.

"I've seen dogs with these kind of wounds before. It's nothing that I didn't expect but it's still something that's hard to look at," O'Neal said.

O'Neal tells NewsWest 9 that police are investigating. If charges are filed, it will be a felony. Residents believe it to be malicious because the suspect killed the dog in front of neighbors, even kids.

"It happened right in front of my house where my grandson plays. Saw the blood stains and how he threw it over the fence. The blood stains were on the brink wall. He picked up the dog with blood on his clothes. He took it to his truck and buried it," Jennifer and Ajay Quihuiz, said.

Neighbors said the red nose pitbull was always friendly and nice to everyone in the apartment complex. Residents are hopeful justice will prevail.

"Dogs are like humans too, they're people's pets," Jennifer said.