Expect Delays During Summer-Long Construction Project in Midland

Expect Delays During Summer-Long Construction Project in Midland
By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - Midlanders might need to change their route to work this summer.

The good news is, probably the biggest project scheduled this summer will only be worked on overnight. So for those who have the graveyard shift, or if you're catching a red eye flight, avoid the intersection of Big Spring and Loop 250.

"These days there's a lot of traffic going on," Midland resident, Alejandro Buenrostro, said.

West Texans are all to familiar with daily traffic delays. The Texas Department of Transportation wants to give residents a heads up on some projects in the works.

There will be a traffic signal installed on Loop 250 and I-20 service roads and I-20 between Big Spring and West Loop 250 will be repaved.

Possibly the largest project scheduled to last through the summer is at the intersection of Loop 250 and Highway 349. 

"It's just to improve the intersection. It's kind of beat up like a lot of our roads happen to be," Gene Powell, Public Information Officer with TxDOT, said.
All lanes of Big Spring will be repaved, along with parts of Loop 250 frontage roads and ramps to the west of Big Spring. Construction began Sunday evening.

"Because this intersection is so heavily trafficked and so popular, the contractor has agreed to do this job at night," Powell said.

Crews will work from dusk to dawn Sundays through Thursdays. This project is set to be complete before school begins in the fall.

If you can, avoid the intersection and plan ahead with a possible alternative route.

"It doesn't bother me. It's just going to take more time," Buenrostro said.

"A couple of months, $1.8 million and we'll be done with it," Powell said.

The intersection of Loop 250 and Big Spring will still be open for you to pass through 24/7 but expect delays at night.