Lovington Residents Asking Questions After Police Chief Was Placed on Leave

Lovington Residents Asking Questions After Police Chief Was Placed on Leave
By Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

LOVINGTON, N.M. - Residents are asking for some answers after Danny Bryant was put on leave.

Lovington City Manager James Williams says it's all because of personnel issues but the citizens aren't buying it.

“They keep trying to push things under the rug and we don't know what that is as a community because they keep it hush, hush, all the time,” Lovington Resident, Jenny Collins, said.

“The human tendency is to always go negative but I don't have all the facts. Whatever the truth is, I pray that it comes out, positive or negative,” Hobbs Resident, Matthew Sena, said.

Police Chief Danny Bryant had been in law enforcement for 30 years. Less than two years ago, he had replaced the former Chief Chan Kim who had been fired, also over unknown personnel issues.

But Collins claims that secret came out.

“They asked him to do something unethical and he didn't want to do it and they fired him over it. On his termination papers, it just shows a lot of petty stuff that honestly he can't control,” Collins said.

Kim is now running for Lea County Sheriff. As for the police department, Administrative Lieutenant David Rodriguez is acting Police Chief.

Charlie Brehm who's been in Lovington for decades. To him, the police department seems to be doing a good job. "We don't have a lot of thieving town," he said.

Although he didn't know Bryant, he said he did know Kim, and was shocked that he was fired. So he's just hoping he won't have another unexpected surprise sent his way.

"I hope that we get our city straightened up and our police department straightened up where the people of Lovington will feel more secure," he said.

“There shouldn't be any need to worry. We're gonna continue operations with the police department. We're going to continue protecting and serving the public,” Lovington City Manager, James Williams, said.

It's unknown if or when Bryant will be back on the job. We’re told that there is no investigation pending.