Ector County Approves Overcrowding Plan for Jail

Ector County Approves Overcrowding Plan for Jail
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY- One by one inmates are filling up the Ector County jail. In fact, just last week, the jail only had 10 spots left until they were completely full.

"We looked like we were going to be in trouble last week but the judge and county attorney got some people down, did some pleas and got some things done," Ector County Sheriff, Mark Donaldson, said. 

On Tuesday morning at the Commissioners Court meeting, Donaldson asked the court to approve another overflow plan and thankfully they did. Currently, Ector County can send up to 20 male inmates to Lynn County to prevent overcrowding, but now, male and female inmates can be transferred over to Hale County too.

"It gives us another contract with another county that if we do get an overflow of inmates that we have somewhere to take them," Donaldson said. 

However, transferring inmates isn't cheap. In Lynn County, the cost is $30.00 per inmate per day. In Hale County, it's going to cost $45.00 per inmate. But when the beds are filling up here in Ector County, transferring inmates out is the only way for the jail to stay in compliance.

"I'm trying not to put anybody on the floor. Everyone needs to have their own bunk because that's what got us out of compliance last year," Donaldson said.

The county remains hopeful that transferring to Lynn and Hale County will help the overcrowding.