Garden City Residents Take Cover From Storms in School Gym

Garden City Residents Take Cover From Storms in School Gym

By Geena Martinez
NewsWest 9

Severe storms on Monday night had Garden City residents on edge causing people to take shelter at the high school gym.

People didn't have to think twice after seeing the dark skies and heavy rains.

"It was sunny, a normal day but then we saw a big black clouds coming down and we got kinda scared so we came over here," Antonio Ramirez said.

The high school gym quickly turned into a makeshift shelter for families and even pets as a severe line of storms rolled through the area.

"We were alerted by the sheriff's department at about 5:20 about possible tornadoes and he asked us if we cold open the gym as a shelter for the community," Glasscock Co. ISD Superintendent Tom Weeaks said.

Residents said the mood changed once they heard a tornado was on the ground in surrounding counties.

"It started hailing like really big," Ramirez said. "Like golf ball size maybe."

The weather was unexpected but luckily there wasn't any major damage.

"From what I can understand, we're on the edge of it, most of it's been to the north of us," Weeaks said.

Overall people said it was just better to be safe than sorry.