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Andrews County Investigators Search For Suspect in Fatal Hit and Run

Anum Valliani    
NewsWest 9

ANDREWS - A hit an run in Andrews early Sunday morning left one person dead, and the suspect is still out there. 

The Andrews County Sheriff's Office responded to the 4500 block of Southeast 1000, just after midnight.

Officials say the victim had died before emergency personnel came to help. But residents just down the road from where the accident is said to have happened, didn't even know about it.  

"It's kinda shocking. Me and my brother were out here talking before he left," Dustin Smith said, adding that they didn't even hear tires screech.

According to witnesses, the driver took off in an old model of a light blue or gray Lincoln Navigator. It was last seen traveling eastbound from the scene.  
Although it's unclear why the victim would have been on foot at the time, residents said it's even a bit odd.

19 year-old Shelbie Darr was watching a movie at home with her family at the time.  

"It being late that's pretty weird. Plus if it was someone walking around I mean that's not normal anyways," she said. "People normally just drive down it. I mean you might see some horses every now and then, but that's about it. No walking or any of that."

According to Smith, something similar happened recently, with a hit and run downtown. But that didn't end in someone's death.

"I hate to hear that a life was taken but it's kind of those things like what can we do?" he stated.

Darr hopes that people would, "contact the police first thing then just leave it alone."

Still they do have some suggestions, like adding a caution sign, or putting up lights in the currently ghastly unlit narrow road, and of course, to just play it safe.

"If you're going to be walking down the road at night, at least be visible," Smith said.

The victim's name will be released once the family has been notified. The body has also been taken for an autopsy. We're told the Sheriff's Office and DPS  are still investigating this case.