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Odessa Man Suspected of Murder And Assault Captured in Arizona

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Anum Valliani
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - The suspect in a deadly stabbing in Odessa on Monday night has been arrested. Twenty-seven year-old Daniel Smith was caught in Phoenix Arizona Thursday afternoon with the help of U.S. Marshals.

"It's a great arrest. We're able to put a guy that is very dangerous that has been terrorizing the streets of Odessa, and not knowing where he's at, it's able to put the citizens at ease to know that this guy who committed these crimes is behind bars," Deputy U.S. Marshal Brent Sheets said. 

Sheets said they were tipped off that Smith had family in Phoenix and alerted their deputies there.

"Usually family members are the first person that fugitives go to for help, either be it financial or to hide. And it's unclear at this time if the mom knew about it. Since she's so far away, she may not have seen it on the news so she may not have been aware that he was on the run," he said.

They say he wasn't armed and didn't cause any problems during the arrest, but "I don't know if he came out and they saw him or the exact details of the arrest," Sheets said.

Smith went on the run after he became the suspect in a double stabbing Monday night on the 1400 block on Hancock where one man died while the other had serious injuries.

But that's not all.

After investigating police say Smith is accused of beating up his girlfriend and putting her in the hospital in just a week before the stabbing incident.  
Police had responded just a couple of blocks away from where the murder would later take place, this time in reference to an assault. 

"The investigation revealed that the victim, 19 years of age had been beaten up pretty badly," OPD Public Information Officer Steve LeSueur said.

NewsWest 9 covered the story in which the victim told police that an unknown man was beating her, until her boyfriend, now identified as Smith, came to the rescue.

"Upon subsequent investigation, it had been revealed that Smith was actually the one responsible for assaulting [her]. As a result of that today, Smith was additionally charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, family violence, a second degree felony," LeSueur said.

It was a lie she told to protect herself, but at some point since then, she fessed up to investigators. Police were only made aware of Smith's connection to this incident just days before his capture. 

Smith is now facing three felony charges including aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and murder as well as a misdemeanor for false identification.
Investigators haven't released any motives at this time.

We're told the woman  is in a safe place and that she will not be facing any charges for lying to officers.