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Drought affecting agriculture industry in our area

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Amarillo, TX - The recently released five year census of agriculture shows consumers can expect to see higher prices at the grocery story.

The effects of the drought are apparent in data released by the US Department of Agriculture and the panhandle area has been hit hard.

West Texas has felt the affects of the drought everywhere from stricter water regulations to higher prices at the grocery store and even higher costs of clothing due to cotton.

An agriculture economist, Dr. Stephen Amosson, says a lot of this is because the value of ag products sold in Texas has steadily gone up over the last five years ... but crops and livestock production numbers have lowered.

"If you are off 25 to 35-percent in production and you can follow that all the way through ...10-percent in fed beef, 10-percent in the hog production, but what has happened is the prices of those commodities have moved up to offset the losses in production that we have seen"

Amosson says when production gets down it affects more than just consumers.

"When production gets down that means less processing of those products. So that means we need less people at the elevator and it affects jobs. We want to be producing at what we can produce."

Amosson says, despite the drought one area of agriculture in the panhandle is doing well.

"Dairy counties have increased substantially you know we have seen the cheese place out of Dahart go ahead and double their size. And now they are looking at adding a third phase."