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DPS is helping rural areas in the Panhandle get prepared for May Runoff Elections

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Claude,TX - When it comes to voting, having a valid ID is crucial. 

GOP Chairman for Armstrong County, Craig Thomas says it's important to be able to identify yourself properly when you vote. 

And with the May Runoff Election coming up on May 27th, The Department of Public Safety decided to go out to rural areas to issue Electronic Identification Certificates. 

Senior Trooper, Chris Ray says the important thing was having mobile voter ID station available to the public. 

"We know those people in those rural areas can't get to Amarillo, or Pampa to get those ID certificates," said Ray. 

Which is helpful for those who don't have a valid picture ID. 

"We're being proactive. We're making sure we get out to them, making sure they have that availability to get that so they can vote," said Ray. 

And some of the folks in Claude are happy about these mobile ID stations being so close. 

"If you don't have the means to get to Amarillo or you can't stand in line for several hours at the DPS office, then yes this is very important," said Thomas. 

Thomas adds that it's even more important to exercise our constitutional right to vote. Which is the goal for DPS. 

"Get that certificate if they don't have one and then go vote. This is their one chance to voice their opinion for vote for their candidate," said Ray. 

Thomas says it only takes a few minutes to get an EIC. 

"They'll take your picture, fill out some paper work and you'll be good to go for the next election," said Thomas.