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Five Arrested, One Cited in a Two-Day Period at Odessa Bar

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By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

ODESSA - Odessa Police found themselves responding to one bar more than usual last week. All three of their visits turned out to be more of a warrant roundup.

Three incidents at Dottie's Lounge off Hancock in Odessa resulted in one man cited and five more arrested. Police tell NewsWest 9 that's a lot more than usual.

"I don't know any crimes that have happened here at the bar. Maybe close by or around here in the area," Customer, Adolfo Molina, said.

"That does seem strange within a two day period from the same place," Public Information Officer of Odessa Police, Cpl. Steve LeSueur, said.

Five men were put behind bars but not for the reasons police arrived.

A little after 9 a.m. last Thursday, police responded to a robbery in the parking lot. No one was outside but they found two men in an alley nearby. It turns out, they weren't the thieves but one was cited for having heroin. The other, Ismael Menchaca, was arrested because he had an outstanding warrant.

"Just because he had nothing to do with the call doesn't mean we can't ask for the ID because they fit the suspect's description," LeSueur said.

Later that afternoon, police responded to a disturbance. They found Robert McWhorter, who looked like the suspect, and arrested him. Only because he had an outstanding warrant.

Then Friday, after someone called in suspicious activity, police arrived at Dottie's Lounge to find three men who fit the suspect's description. Stephen Canava, Rufus Gildon and Rudy Fierro were all arrested because they had outstanding warrants.

A bar frequent told NewsWest 9, he saw the robbery suspects but when police arrived it was too late. 

"Sometimes fights happen inside the bar. But outside, hardly ever. It's calm all the time," Molina said.

The robbery suspects are still on the run. As for these five look-a-likes, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.