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Midland Firefighter Needs Donations to Fight Cancer

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By: Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- 30-year-old Aaron Hughes is a driver and paramedic with the Midland Fire Department. He was recently diagnosed with cancer.
Aaron tells NewsWest 9 that he had an ulcer on his tongue that wouldn't go away. The doctor performed a biopsy on it and a few days later Aaron found out he had carcinoma. After the fire department heard the bad news a plan of action was put into place to help with Aaron's fight.

"It was a complete shock to me. We found out it's a treatable cancer. It's going to be done down in Houston. I think it's going to be a lot of exhaustion. The traveling that they are going to have to do, and the treatments that will be done daily down in Houston, that's a long trip for anybody. That puts a lot of strain on a family, financially and emotionally," Midland Fire Cpt. KC Ward said.

Friend and fellow firefighter, Bryce Pruitt was also shocked by the news.

"Just the fact that Aaron is so young, he's got two young daughters, a young wife. This guy is my age going through cancer treatment, cancer rehab, it hits pretty close to home," Pruitt said.

The Midland fire department is a brotherhood, so when one gets sick they all pitch in to help.
Captain KC Ward is the vice president for Professional Firefighters Association of Midland and they are always there to help fellow brothers.

"Our association helps our firefighters in anything they need. We also have a benevolence committee that is very strong in helping folks like Aaron. Any of our brothers in the association, anytime they have a need or any type of emergency, or in case they need a little financial support," Ward said.

They were selling wrist bands with Aaron's name on them. Along with water bottles and t-shirts.

"This isn't the first time it's happen. Unfortunately over the last year we've had three or four guys come down with cancer. A continuous fundraiser right after the other. Although we don't like doing it, its something we gotta do," Pruitt said.

There are many ways to help Aaron Hughes during his this time of struggle. You can go directly to the firefighter website and donate there, or you can follow their Facebook page for a list of local benefits. Captain Ward also tells NewsWest 9 that all donations will go to Aaron to help with medical, travel and any other expenses.

"It really makes you think about your family and how much more time you want to spend with them. And the guys you do work with," Ward said.

The next benefit for Aaron will be a burger cook-off next Friday, April 25th at Central Station in Midland. Captain Ward tells us all are welcome.

You can also donate at www.iafflocal4405.org or follow the firefighter Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PFAM4405/ for a list of upcoming benefits.