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City of Hobbs Collaborating With Residents, Businesses to Address Plastic Bag Epidemic

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By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

HOBBS - It's a plague that's "contaminating" our area. Plastic bags - hundreds of them - littered on the side of our highways.

In the City of Hobbs, hundreds of plastic bags on the side of the road are what residents and visitors see every day, but now, talks are in the works to start cleaning up this city, beginning with what to do about plastic bags.

"When you see a piece of trash in the parking lot, there is peer pressure for lack of a better term. Pick it up and put it in the trash can instead of waiting for somebody else to do it. If everybody did that, we wouldn't have a trash problem," Hobbs Mayor, Sam Cobb, said. 

To clean up the sight for sore eyes, that is plastic bags on the side of the road, the City of Hobbs is collaborating with their residents and the business community to see what can be done to clean up their city.

"Especially this time of year, it's much more prevalent that we see all the plastic bags attached to all the bushes, to the mesquite bushes and those kinds of things," Cobb said.

Incentives might be the way to go. The mayor says, instead of paying a fine, for example, you could help with a bag cleanup program. Instead of groups cleaning their town every once in a while, they could make it a more frequent event. Basically, the goal is to make this cleanup attitude, a lifestyle. If the public wants to ban these plastic bags for good, the city is welcome to the idea of making that happen.

"Instead of striving to do everything from the top down, if we could make people aware of the situation and work on collaboration, I think we'll have much better success," Cobb said.

For now, the City of Hobbs is planning an ongoing campaign to raise awareness of this littering epidemic. They are confident that this first step to beautify their city will see nothing but positive results.