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Judge Completes Phase 1 of Alpine's Audit

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By: Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

ALPINE- The city of Alpine is trying to clean up the financial controversy that has plagued the city over the years. The first phase of an audit was just completed by the city's Municipal Judge.

Last fall Judge Rebecca Schlosser was appointed by council to perform an internal audit.

"Since that time I been taking a very close look at an internal audit at all the accounting practices at the city. We also hired an external auditor, a real expert in city municipal court finances. She began her external audit at the same time," Judge Schlosser said.

The external auditor is Ms. Margaret Robbins who has been doing cities' audits for many years.  

"She's considered a state wide expert in this field. In order to restore confidence we need someone outside of the city who can come in and say, yes you have problems and now they are fixed," Judge Schlosser said.

Ms. Robbins will have the results from her audit at a later date.
Judge Schlosser is happy that the first phase of her audit is complete and some of the mistakes were found.

"We had 65% that was never placed on the first docket that should of been. These were the tickets that were never paid and all of them should of been placed on the docket and were not, Judge Schlosser said.
Another 50% of opened cases in 2012 were never brought to court, despite citizens never paid for those tickets.

The judge tells us she found massive mismanagement on a huge scale.
29 files in 2013, 17 of those files, the money never made it to the bank.

"We don't know how many people paid but their money didn't make it to the bank. We have 87 pages of cases where the case was closed, with money showing owed," Judge Schlosser said.

The problems are being resolved so this wont happen in the future. The city has an agreement with www.trafficpayment.com so citizens can pay fines online or over the phone.

Judge Schlosser overall wants to thank the the residents of Alpine and the audits resolved quickly

"Getting this problem corrected so we can restore some integrity to the system," Judge Schlosser said.  

When paying fines to the city you can now use a credit card or debit card and go to www.trafficpayment.com or you can call 1-800-444-1187.