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Sheriff's Office Reveals Heartbreaking Details on Maltreatment of Horses

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By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

ECTOR COUNTY - Abandoning them in the middle of West Texas, where they're forced to fight for their lives. That's what some horse owners do when they can't afford to care for their horses. NewsWest 9 spoke with the sheriff's department to find out how to stop this.

No matter where you go in Texas, very few shelters will have room for animals - let alone horses - leaving them to often fight for their lives on the side of the road waiting for someone to rescue them.

"We've seen them when they're absolutely just skin and bones. That's ridiculous for somebody to allow an animal to be that. You took on a responsibility. Live up to your responsibility. If you can't because of debt reasons or whatever, there's other options," Public Information Officer of the Ector County Sheriff's Office, Sgt. Gary Duesler, said.

Many don't think of these options when they dump these animals out in the streets, paying no mind to the consequences.

"We're having calls where they're taking them out in the county and left them on the side of the road. That also becomes a traffic hazard because they'll try to jump across the road or something to get away. They're scared, they're hungry, and they just don't deserve that," Duesler said.

The sheriff's office says 11 rescued horses have been sold at auction so far since they regained control of ACS, leaving the horses in the hands of someone who can afford to care of them.

"I think they're absolutely has to be some people that are overwhelmed of the cost. 'Eat like a horse,' well they do, and it costs a lot to maintain a horse," Duesler said.

If you see or if you're in the possession of an animal that needs to be rescued, call the Ector County Sheriff's Office at 335-3050 and ask for Animal Control Services.