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West Odessa Residents Protest New Cement Plant

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By: Justin Kree
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- Some residents of West Odessa are trying to stop a cement plant from going up in their neighborhood. On Thursday night, they met to come up with a game plan to fight the building of the plant.

The Faith Community Baptist Church in West Odessa was packed as neighbors protested the building of the new cement plant.

"We have to many kids. I've watched too many 18-wheeler's run a stop sign. They refuse to stop for the buses when they have their red blinking lights on," Concerned resident, Candy Jones said. 

The cement company is Cementos Ready-Mix and they want to build the plant at the corner of Moss Street and 42nd Street in West Odessa. The organizers of the meeting were fellow neighbors who just wanted to inform and educate each other on the steps to take to permanently stop the building of the plant.

"We want to inform the residents in this area exactly what their rights are. What is being purposed and what they need to do to voice any concerns that they have," Concerned Resident, Mary Lewis, said.

The first step is to sign a petition. The next step is to make a comment to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Finally, they need to email their lawmakers.

Overall, the meeting was to bring the people together, to not give up without a fight. Residents aren't against the building of the cement plant, just not in the quiet West Odessa neighborhood.

"We want to see people work with us not against us. We want to see the city and the county to stop building that way a building out here and help us. Don't forget about us, because we've been forgotten out here," Jackson said.

If you live in the area of Moss Street and 42nd Street, and are opposed to this cement plant being built, you can email the T.C.E.Q. and use permit number 117182.