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Pro-Active Safety for New Mexico Junior College

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New Mexico Junior College 
Press Release

Pro-Active Safety for New Mexico Junior College

After two years of extensive research with local law enforcement, attorneys and insurance carriers, the President of New

Mexico Junior College (NMJC) has approved a plan that four of its security staff will be armed on campus. These four

staff members have extensive tactical training and careers in law enforcement and law enforcement leadership positions.

Dr. Steve McCleery, President of NMJC, states: “We have always strived to be a safe and secure campus. Multiple

strategies and equipment are currently in place to address campus emergencies. However, the incidents involving

shootings and other violent acts occurring on college, high school and elementary campuses have continued to be of

concern. We explored multiple methods to address the issue of a potential “Live Shooter” on the NMJC campus, and

concluded this is our best solution.”

Case studies show that most campus shootings are over within the first two minutes and the response time for local law

enforcement may be beyond this two-minute span. “Knowing that we have experienced law enforcement on staff made

this decision easier. They will work closely with emergency responders to help reduce the immediate threat of an active

shooter. In the worst case scenario, the four-armed NMJC employees will respond and take action until law enforcement

can arrive and assume control of the incident,” says McCleery.

“Personal safety of students, faculty and staff has always been and remains our top priority. Fortunately, we have never

had incidents of this type occur on this campus. I regret these kinds of steps, but the reality of the world today is that we

must always be prepared.”

New Mexico Junior College will maintain the firearm free policy: the carrying of firearms by any other employee, visitor

or student is prohibited. This policy does not include commissioned law enforcement personnel or the NMJC Law

Enforcement cadets.

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