Student Claims PE Coach Hit Students, District Speaks Out

Student Claims PE Coach Hit Students, District Speaks Out
By Devin Sanchez
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Students and parents in Big Spring are outraged. They claimed a 6th grade PE coach got physical with students, over a dodgeball game.

"We started playing dodgeball ball the coach, he thought somebody was cheating," 6th grader Estefan Valdez said.

Valdez said everything took place last Friday, during 2nd period pre-athletics.

"He picked his fist at another kid, and we went inside the locker room, and he slammed two into the lockers and slapped one," he said.

Valdez alleged his PE coach continued to go after students.

"He cornered one, yelled in his face, and bulged up at me," he explained.

Valdez's mother, Christina, said this wasn't the same as a coach being rowdy with players.

"This is different, he shouldn't have even went like that on the kids. If he don't have patience for children, why should he be in school," she explained.

NewsWest 9 spoke to the district's superintendent, Chris Wigington. Wigington said he cannot comment on personnel issues, but said he is aware of what happened.

"I want to assure the parents and everyone that the situation is being handled and it's being handled very quickly," Wigington said.

NewsWest 9 obtained the letter sent home to parents, from Big Spring Jr. High. It stated:

"We had an incident occur in pre-athletics 2nd period today (March 28, 2014). Office personnel are aware of the problem and are in the process of an ongoing investigation into the incident. Students have been and will continue to be interviewed. Upon completion of this investigation, the appropriate actions will be taken."

Valdez said he's scared the coach will be allowed back.

"I'd feel not safe. I'd hide inside the bathroom to get tardies and tardies in pre-athletics class," he said.

"If my son's afraid and this teacher's back, I'm not sending my son to school," his mother added.

Superintendent Wigington said there's no need for parents or students to be scared.

"Their children are safe. It's going to be taken care of," he explained.

The coach is on leave while the school district continues to look into the allegations.