New Class of Pharmacy 'Marfa Meds' Paves Road for Rural Communities

New Class of Pharmacy 'Marfa Meds' Paves Road for Rural Communities
By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

It's not easy for patients in Presidio to get a prescription. They either have to drive to Alpine to get it, or wait for it to arrive in the mail. But a pioneer program in Marfa is looking to change that for good.

Marfa Meds is the first pharmacy of its kind in the state of Texas. This pioneer program could pave the way for other rural communities to meet their needs when it comes to the convenience and accessibility of pharmaceuticals.

"Since March 3, Marfa Meds has delivered prescriptions to over 130 patients with over 200 prescriptions," Marfa Meds Coordinator, Manny C. Granado, said.

Not even one month in service, and already Presidio County is taking advantage of the convenience of their new pharmacy found inside Marfa's local grocery store.

"There's a lot of elderly patients over there that have no means of transportation, so this makes it much more convenient," Granado said.

Marfa Meds was a pilot program in 2010, but after it's huge success the State Board of Pharmacy created a new type of pharmacy just for them.

"This is a brand new class of pharmacy for Texas, I believe we're the first in Texas and we're strictly a transport pharmacy," Jill Jahn, Head Pharmacist for Marfa Meds, said.

This 'Class H' Pharmacy is a limited prescription delivery pharmacy, which means, "...We can transport all the regular medications such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol. We cannot transport controlled substances," Jahn said.

Here's how it works: pay for your prescription through your pharmacist. They will send it to Marfa Meds so you can pick it up. Certain pre-filled medications are also available.

"They are very excited about the convenience. We're just glad we can help them," Jahn said.