Family Member Speaks Out After Tragic Accident in Ward County Kills 4 of Their Loved Ones

Family Member Speaks Out After Tragic Accident in Ward County Kills 4 of Their Loved Ones
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- Krystal Woodruff lost her youngest daughter on Sunday after the young girl fought for over a week to stay alive. Krystal and her family have now had to mourn the loss of 4 loved ones after the brutal accident in Ward County a few weeks ago.

"I'm hurt but I'm at peace because I know where they're at and I know they're all together and I know I'll get to see them again some day," said Krystal Woodruff.

It was almost 2 weeks ago when Krystal's life changed forever. Just after 4 p.m. on March 22, her 7 year old daughter KiAna Woodruff, her brother Anthony Herrera, and mother Diane Herrera were killed in a accident after a pick up truck ran a stop sign and crashed into them.

Krystal's other daughter, 5 year old Mahlaya Vanderbilt, was taken to Lubbock, but Sunday, March 30th she lost her life. Krystal's sister in law Veronica Herrera is the only survivor and is currently in Odessa for medical care.

"I'm not angry, I don't hate anybody, I just don't understand it still," said Woodruff.

After the tragic accident the small town of Big Spring has been pulling together. Signs showing support for the family fill the streets, and a local bank is having a bake sale to raise money for the now broken family.

"People I don't even know are just trying to be there for me and it means a lot to me," said Woodruff.

The family said they're still mourning the loss of their loved ones, but they're more than grateful for the entire community support.

"I haven't asked anybody to help me and everybody has just really come together on their own and I appreciate everybody and everything that they're doing for me, for us, for our family," said Woodruff.

If you would like to help, The Citizens Federal Credit Union in Big Spring is taking donations under the Herrera family.