New Retail Stores Headed to Big Spring

New Retail Stores Headed to Big Spring
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

BIG SPRING- The Furr's in Big Spring is now just an abandoned building and in a few months it'll be demolished. By the end of this year, the lot will be open for business once again.

"A company contacted us last year about wanting to do some retail and residential development in Big Spring," Terry Wegman, Executive Director of the Economic Development in Big Spring, said.

The company buying the lot is White Oak Development, which is based out of Tennessee. They're expected to purchase the old Furr's building in May or June and the building will be destroyed shortly after, but the lot won't be empty for long.  

"They want to develop a strip mall there that would house about eight different retail stores and venues," Wegman said.

Some of the retail stores headed to Big Spring are Rue 21 and AT&T, both of which will be new for the small town. The developer also said they're currently talking to a national hamburger restaurant chain but the name can't be released just yet.
"We're quite excited. You know Big Spring always needs additional retail, restaurants those kind of things so we're very excited so I think it will be a pleasant addition to our economy and our community," Wegman said
The new strip mall is expected to be complete by November of this year.