Fine Arts Festival Wraps Up in Presidio

Fine Arts Festival Wraps Up in Presidio

By Alicia Neaves

NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO - Presidio was the place to be this weekend. If you missed the festivities, here are some highlights of the events.

"Each year, the arts festival grows bigger and bigger and this year we weren't disappointed. We've had people from all over West Texas. They've all turned out and a lot of people are from Presidio so it's kind of a reunion type atmosphere," Brad Newton, Executive Director of Presidio Municipal Development District & Tourism, said.

Saturday wrapped up Presidio's Fine Arts Festival. It began Thursday with the International Art Walk from Presidio to Ojinaga, where two bands joined forces, creating beautiful music for all to hear.

On Friday, festivities moved to the Presidio National Bank, with featured artist, Edgar Sotelo of Sulphur Springs.

"I always like the western way of life. The horses, cowboys and in this case, charros," Sotelo said.

An Embrace of culture, translated on canvas, serving as inspiration for aspiring artists, too.

"Kids will come and look at the painting, next thing you know, they wanna be an artist when they grow up," Sotelo said.

"We're bracing for the night time activities and that's when everybody's here," Newton said.

There was singing and dancing, celebrating the beauty that is our West Texas border.