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Coin Toss Decides Election Winner in Reeves County

By: Alexa Williams 
NewsWest 9

REEVES COUNTY- A coin toss, it's something you see before every football game but in Reeves County Friday morning, it decided who would advance in the run off elections in May. But it's what happened during that toss that's causing some controversy. 

"I am delighted that I won today's (Friday's) coin toss. It's been a roller coaster ride," Hector Roman, Precinct 4 Commissioner Candidate, said.

Two recounts and a coin toss, that's what it took for Hector Roman to get his name on the democratic ballot for the Reeves County Commissioner Precinct 4 race. Tony Trujillo had the most votes in the primary election earlier this month, but Roman and Hector Carrasco tied leading to a very public fight to land on the ballot in the runoff election against Trujillo.

"When there is a tie for office or in this case a tie for who will go to the run off election then the law states there has to be a casting of lots, which means it has to be a game of chance and in this case a coin flip fits that definition," Texas Secretary of State's Office spokeswoman, Alicia Pierce, said.

So in front of the county courthouse, both candidates were there to watch the coin toss go down but even that raised some questions. Carrasco claimed Roman waited for the coin to hit the ground before he called heads or tails.

Fair or not, Roman is the one who will battle it out during the run-off election in May and Carrasco is ready to move on.  

"Regardless of the situation, I mean you guys all saw the coin toss but I'm very happy for Mr. Roman and I hope that he does the right thing meaning that when he gets into office we actually start making changes to our community. I'm happy that he ran, I'm happy that I ran," Hector Carrasco, former Precinct 4 County Commissioner candidate, said.
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