Police Worried About Start of a New Trend: Hidden Cameras in Public Restrooms

Police Worried About Start of a New Trend: Hidden Cameras in Public Restrooms

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IRVING, TEXAS - Who's watching you? Police in Texas are worried this may be the start of a new trend: hidden cameras in public restrooms. Police say creepers are coming up with creative new ways to invade your privacy.

"It's shocking. I'm like, stunned," Brady Stanfill, a customer at a local business, said.

Stunned to find out the place you think you have the most privacy, a bathroom, is becoming a target for creepers.

"That is really scary. Because if it can happen here, in this area, it can happen anywhere," one man said.

in the last two months, police were called to a Starbucks on North Macarthur in Irving. It's there employees found a small video camera taped under a sink inside a women's bathroom. The camera appeared to be motion activated.

"It's violating, it's devastating, I come here every day and it's shocking. I love all the people here out of all the locations, this is a nice Starbucks," Stanfill said.

Weeks after the Starbucks discovery in late February, police were called to an apartment complex on North Belt Line.

Cleaning staff discovered a small camera disguised as a coat hook in the fitness center bathroom.

"They knew it to be something that they didn't install and so they contacted us. We got out there and recognized it as another recording device and seized it," Officer James McLellan with the Irving Police Department, said.

With no memory card inside the device, police couldn't track it back to anyone.

"It will make me think twice about going into a public restroom," Stanfill said.

Now police warn this may be just the beginning of a disturbing trend.

"It seems to be on the rise, certainly. We don't see this very often in Irving," McLellan said.