Reagan County Hospital Officials Eager to Move Into a New Building

Reagan County Hospital Officials Eager to Move Into a New Building

Anum Valliani

NewsWest 9

REAGAN COUNTY - Cracked walls, exposed electrical wires and tiny doorways. That's no shape for a hospital. That's one of the reasons Reagan Hospital District is building a new hospital.

"The building is past its prime. It's time for us to move into a more modern facility to provide the best healthcare to our community," Reagan County Hospital District Chief Operating Officer, Kyle Rockwell, said.

The building has been there since 1949 and has expanded multiple times since then. But now, it's maxed out on what it can take physically.

"Because we didn't grow with the times, there's no way to go back and undo things in a cost efficient manner," Reagan County Hospital  CEO, Pam Clark. said.

Taxpayers approved a $32.2 million bond last May to help patients break free from the hazardous facility. The new building, which will be located on 12th Street, just down the road from the current hospital, will be double in size and offer upgraded tools and more services. 

"Because we're landlocked here. We can't really add any space to our existing physical plan," Clark explained, adding that there are other shortcomings, like having to send out for results to complex lab tests is another struggle.

"It's very inconvenient for both our community and physicians to have that delay in service," she said.

In fact, they even have to perform CAT Scans out in the parking lot. But the new space will be built to expand. They'll have room for 14 beds although they're only putting in seven at first based on the in-patient demand. They'll also have a clinic, wellness center and a pharmacy inside the building. Currently, the nearest pharmacist is in Upton County.

"However they do have a satellite office here. You can't pick your prescriptions up till after 4 p.m., I  believe. In the new facility, we plan on having a retail pharmacy there, so you can make your appointment, see a physician and and if there is a prescription, you can just walk across the hall and pick that up, " Rockwell said. 

The elderly community especially stands to gain. A physical therapist will be there to help members of the wellness center.

"He's not going to lift weights with them everyday but he will help build plans with them to ensure that we have healthy residents," Rockwell said.

But mostly, officials are just excited about all the changes that will be taking place, the community support and moving out of their current facility. There are no plans yet what will happen with the building once they move over.

The groundbreaking for the new building will be on May 19 and officials say it will take about 18 months to complete.