City of Boston Mourning The Loss of Two Firefighters After 9-Alarm Fire on Wednesday

City of Boston Mourning The Loss of Two Firefighters After 9-Alarm Fire on Wednesday

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BOSTON - A fierce 9-alarm fire in Boston Wednesday raced through a brownstone and killed two firefighters.

The nine alarm afternoon fire in the Back Bay roaring out of control, flames and thick smoke pouring out of the Beacon Street building.

150 Boston firefighters fought the inferno, but two of them didn't survive.

"It's a sad day for us and the city of Boston, our hearts go out to the families," Interim Boston Fire Commissioner, John Hasson, said.

Authorities say Lt. Edward Walsh and Firefighter Michael Kennedy went down into the basement where it appears the fire started but within minutes, they were trapped.

"I'm going to make an assumption here that one of the windows broke out front and blew the fire at them, because they called a mayday in a very short period of time," Boston Fire Department Deputy Chief, Joseph Finn, said.

Officials say the fire was fueled by high winds causing a backdraft and an explosion that blew firefighters downstairs.

Firefighter Kennedy was removed about a half an hour into the fire and pronounced at Mass General.

Lt. Walsh's body wasn't removed until hours later because it was just too dangerous to go in.

"We weren't going to commit any more resources into the situation, tough call but we weren't going to do that," Finn said.

"It makes me proud to be the mayor of the city of Boston after watching the way that the men and women of the Boston Fire Department worked today. These two heroes went into a burning building," Boston Mayor, Marty Walsh, said.

In a solemn ceremony, Lt. Walsh's body was removed by the firefighters from his engine company out on a stretcher, past a line of saluting firefighters and a police escort down the street which was shut down.

"Citizens were saved and that's what we do. We sacrifice our lives for the citizens of the city of Boston that's what firefighter Michael Kennedy and Lt. Eddie Walsh did today," Richie Paris with the Boston Firefighters Union, said.