President Obama Meets With Pope Francis in Vatican City

President Obama Meets With Pope Francis in Vatican City

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VATICAN CITY - President Obama met with Pope Francis for the first time on Thursday during a visit to the Vatican.

The President left the Vatican after wrapping up a nearly one hour private meeting with Pope Francis and then a longer, bigger meeting with a delegation between the United States and the Holy See.

Topics of conversation- we know that the President wanted to bring up the issue of income inequality because he believes it's an area of agreement.

Of course the White House for weeks has been trying to tout the ways that the President aligns himself with Pope Francis on this specific issue.

"Like people around the world, I've been incredibly moved by his compassion, his message of inclusion. I was grateful to have the opportunity to speak with him about the responsibilities we all share for the least of these, the poor, the excluded," Obama said.

But there are some thorny cultural issues the Catholic Church is uncomfortable with when it comes to President Obama's administration.

We know the Vatican had planned to bring up the contraceptive mandate that is inside the President's healthcare law.

In addition, in a Vatican press release about the meeting they said that they saw it as "troubling," the legalization movement taking part across the country involving gay marriage.