Rumors About Energy Tower Answered

Rumors About Energy Tower Answered
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND- The 53 story Energy Tower, that's potentially going to make the Tall City even taller, maybe looking towards a more subtle look. Allegedly, there are talks of a new design for the Energy Tower that will be brought to the table. The new look will bring two 25 story towers to downtown instead of one big skyscraper. But, as of now, that new look might be just false accusations.

"The rumor on the streets is that it's gone from 53 story tower to two twin towers again. It's just rumor, the group has not come to the City Council and had any formal presentation," Midland Mayor,Jerry Morales, said. 

On Monday, we took to our NewsWest 9 Facebook page and asked all of our Midlanders what they would like to see. One tall building, two shorter buildings, or no tower at all. 

Freddy Leyva commented, "If I had to pick, I'd choose a tall building." Judy Wootan disagreed, she'd like to see two smaller buildings and Robbin Hennig said she's completely against any design that steals taxpayers dollars. She also added she wants the old courthouse left alone.

Mayor Morales said on top of the rumors, there are some more common misconceptions about the Energy Tower. He said a lot of people think tax dollars are going towards the actual building but Morales said the builders are funding it themselves.

"Energy Tower is building their own property and building, they're saying, over a 10 year period. It could be over a billion dollars impact to our community," Morales said.

Morales also said, contrary to popular belief the old courthouse that would have to be removed to make room for the Energy Tower or towers, is not a historical landmark.

"There is not historical significance. We went to the Historical Commission to tell us whats going on with this building where does it stand and they were like well it's been remolded twice since the 60's so this is no historical significance," Morales said. 

As for the mayor, he said he hopes the two towers rumor is true.

"Well personally in my opinion, I like the two tower concept that I'm hearing out there. I think it's softer to the eye and it compliments our downtown," Morales said.