Magnet Elementary School Sets Bar for Journalism, Technology Students

Magnet Elementary School Sets Bar for Journalism, Technology Students
By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

MIDLAND - While many students aspire to be journalists, photographers or computer techs, they sometimes lack the proper equipment to learn. But one school in the Midland Independent School District is setting the bar for hands-on learning.

Pease Elementary is looking for more students to attend this one-of-a-kind magnet school.

"In this age, everybody loves technology. And kids, they love technology!" Assistant Principal at Pease Elementary, Gabrial Salgado, said.

Looking at the school televisions, you might be watching the future Brian Williams or Savannah Guthrie, found right here in the Permian Basin.

"We are giving them an opportunity to know and taste a little bit of the real life world of communication. I wish I had this when I was a kid!" Salgado said.

In this magnet school, their television studio is just like the pros. The students put on the show themselves.

"The students can manipulate the cameras, manipulate the switchers, the lights, the mixers, everything," Salgado said.

They use cameras with teleprompters, computers with a top-of-the-line editing software and even a green wall where they can change up the backgrounds for their newscasts.

But it's not just television. Students publish their very own newspaper. They write the articles and take pictures using professional cameras, putting out the most important news of the day. Pease education even touches on the engineering aspect.

"They learn how to assemble and disassemble computers. They learn a lot about technology and communication," Salgado said.

Pease is hoping for more enrollment. It's free. The outcome could be life-changing.

"I see students more motivated, but also they get experiences that can help them in their professional life," Salgado said.

The deadline for parents to submit applications to magnet school campuses is on April 4. The lottery will be on April 17 and all letters of acceptance will be in the mail on May 3.