Former Permian Teacher Accused of Having Improper Relations with Student Found Not Guilty

Former Permian Teacher Accused of Having Improper Relations with Student Found Not Guilty
By: Alexa Williams
NewsWest 9

ODESSA- After almost four years of delays and accusations, it only took a quick two days in trial for a life changing verdict to be made. Robert Young was found not guilty.

"We're glad its over and we're happy for Mr.Young," said Rick Navarrete, Defense Attorney for Robert Young.

Young was a former Permian High School Teacher back in 2010 until some serious claims were made against him, and Young was soon charged with two counts of improper relations with a student.   

It was a tense courtroom Wednesday and Thursday as several witnesses for both sides took the stand. But, the most crucial witness was when the former student Young allegedly had relations with testified against the once math teacher. However, the defense believes her testimony was a huge factor in winning their case.

"The fact that the alleged victim has recanted so many times and she has told so many people so many different things and then admitted on the stand that she had lied on several occasions I think that that weighed heavily on the jury. There were too many things that they could not over look," said Navarrete.
The former student did testify on Wednesday that she had lied in other statements in the past. However, she claimed it was only because she

 "consented to the sexual acts and she wanted to protect Young. She added she didn't want him to lose his job."

While she was on the stand she did claim her and Young had sexual relations before she graduated high school.
But now the case versus Robert Young is closed. After all these years Young is finally free of the charges. It was only a quick 45 mins until a jury found him not guilty. It was a verdict the state was not hoping for.

"This is a long case, it lasted a long time but you know obviously in the end my lawyers did the best they could and we accept the verdict," said Ector County District Attorney Bobby Bland.

As for Young's team, they're just grateful the verdict was in his favor.

"He was extremely happy he was crying and he said the first thing he wants to do is to go on a trip and not have to ask anybody's permission," said Navarrete.