Medical Center Hospital Anesthesiologists Going Paperless

Medical Center Hospital Anesthesiologists Going Paperless

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ODESSA - Medical Center Hospital anesthesiologists are going paperless.

Instead, they'll be using an app called i-Procedures on iPads to document patients information.

Officials say it's more efficient and accurate because it helps them communicate throughout the hospital.

It improves data collection and it allows them to provide better care to patients.

Doctors even use the iPad during surgery.

"Typing in as we go with the procedure. Sometimes in the pre-op evaluation, we will go ahead and put data in ahead of time and then during the procedure itself, we'll be putting data like vital signs, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rates. In addition to that, we'll also put in medications and their dosages we will give," Medical Center Hospital Anesthesiologist, Joe Bryan, said.

A total of 11 iPads are used throughout the anesthesiologist program.