Cinderela Guevara Makes History Once Again As Presidio County Judge-Elect

Cinderela Guevara Makes History Once Again As Presidio County Judge-Elect
By Alicia Neaves
NewsWest 9

PRESIDIO COUNTY - Not many people can say they've made history twice, but one city leader from Marfa, that's her claim to fame. 

"When we saw that I was ahead by hundreds of votes, we shouted out loud and jumped up and down. We were so happy," Cinderela Guevara, Presidio County Judge-Elect, said.

25 years ago, Cinderela Guevara made Presidio County history and was elected as the first female Justice of the Peace. This year, she did it again, elected as the county's first female judge. An accomplishment, she hopes, will make a difference. She's already laid out plans for day one.

"The majority of the problems that we face are financial. We need to see how we can manage our finances in a more efficient way," Guevara said.

Now that the election has passed, she is moving forward focusing on the good of the people in her community. She wants city leaders to remain accessible so anyone can feel comfortable bringing forth their concerns. Guevara remains positive, while cherishing words of wisdom from family and supporters. One piece of advice that got Guevara through this election was from her friend Ceci Montoya in Presidio, it was, "Si pudimos!" Or, "Yes we can!"

For her, there are no barriers when you strive for what you want, and her supporters know that, expressing their confidence in her work since 1989.

"I'm going to do everything possible to open doors so this may be a better place to live. For our children, and children's children, so this will remain the special place that it is," Guevara said.

She holds on to positivity and perseverance as her new journey soon begins.

"I have hope that we can work together. Because united, we can achieve many beautiful things," Guevara said.